Academia Preescolar 2012

Forgive the long wait and recent updates.  Truth is there really wasn’t much to say besides the continuance of the regular maintenance of the student progress until now.  We are starting the process of progress reports, and although the school has recently grown, to those families that have recently joined, the detail may not be as deep, but the noticeable personal foundations that the newer students have demonstrated have been assessed and analyzed.   With that said, your family is scheduled to receive a student progress report by the first week in February.

We’d like to thank Julio’s family for taking the time to help us find someone whom we would not mind and feel safe and nice and comfortable around our children to be at Academia.  Her name is Karen, and although we’re still going through the observation process, she’s a nurturer for sure, but green to comprehending the cat and mouse game labyrinth of child development.  Needless to say she’s self-motivated to learn and succeed I believe in applying reasonable and factual data into the minds of the children.  If we comfortably and effectively continue understanding and foreseeing the development of the children, as we have seen, those students that are starting at the earliest stages at Academia should go straight into the work force after preschool graduation.

Academics, math preschool concepts, but we are proud to say that some of our older students are doing second grade math!!!  Some of our other students are eating the math, but at least their having contact with it, so that’s cool.  Drawing faces is very mathematical, lots of lines and geometry.  Finding the letter of the week in books or any print and continuing to create activities to the letter on the week.  We are on M and N.   Stories and social lessons, many new experiences.  For science we are eating and feeding Lalo onion chives, dark and light green flowery lettuce that we grew in the winter garden, our carrots are just sprouting, but the corn didn’t make it this winter.  Now we know corn does not grow so well, if at all in the shade of a southwestern winter.  Our spring bed is ready for some soil and planting, and we’ll go ahead and give ol’ maiz another golden shot along with some beans, and we’ll see what else.  We’re looking for animals, with hair vs. no hair.  In music we are practicing how to stay in rhythm and come closer to the beat, as well as movement to words in a song.   We’ve added some new art stations, and a chalkboard outside.   We are also learning to speak Spanish.


On Friday the 27th, sometime before pizza, we would like to have our group pictures taken.  This particular photographer is more on the go than “stand on the line and smile” type, so as far as individual pictures, you don’t have to get all dolled up because he/she will get gravel, sand and paint on it for sure, but it be awesome if we all had our academia shirts on, so if you have one please wear it, and wear it well.

We are still currently working out our July summer week by week camp schedule and preparing to present the school options for that one single month where the schedule will be different than the rest of the year, and that will be available to use and plan ahead for when we return from Spring Break in March.  Rumor is, they might run shorter hours at different locations, and for different age groups, but again, all to be determined in the middle of March.  Also for next year after school extra Spanish tutoring and lessons will be available but very minimal spacing.

If any one want to make any sort of donations or information in acquiring preschool supplies, please just let us know which way and how, or just say thank you.

Once again thank you all so much that have shown us an overwhelming amount of support and dedication, we are just beginning to scratch the surface…it has been wonderful.

Blessings all around and good deeds to be part of,

With lot’s of amor y dedicacion,
Academia Preescolar

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