It is the New Year at Academia and we are starting it with a bang.  Actually several bangs, and other types of sounds with our new musical investigation wall on the north side of the playground.  We have constructed and will continue adding through time an array of musical influences that will drive us mad at first but essentially fall into a rhythm created by logical pattern sounds.  Can’t wait to see the kids working to form harmony (fingers crossed!)

Also our gravity and physics wall has ben added to and we are close to finishing the entire south wall dedicated to the fluidity of water and the concepts of collecting, harvesting and transferring water, which can be a challenge to anyone who begins to understand the relentless attitude of water.

We are welcoming to our Academia community several new families this month who are willing to take the opportunity to experience the excitement of Academia.  With that said we are going to begin grouping students by math and literacy comprehension to engage in small group activities with a teacher wherever opportunity allows on the premises of Academia.  For the next few weeks we have been graced with a bilingual accountant student teacher assistant from the university of Syracuse to be another set of eyes, hands and mind until we find our permanent third addition.  This coming Saturday the 7th we will be conducting several interviews to finalize our newest member.

ACADEMICS:  This month we are going into the animal kingdom.  We will work on animal characteristics and differentiation.  We will also revisit some of our past lessons especially with map reading and the cardinal directions.  We will learn new songs and of course gradually continue with the letter of the week, which this week it is the letter “L”.

TESTIMONIAL of the week, possibly biweekly, if not the month:

“Ava loves going to school, and I love bringing her there.”

Ava’s Dad

Don’t forget to check the calendar for any upcoming events, also remember not to hold back any thoughts, suggestions or concerns.  Everyday we want for Academia to be a place where children and staff love to be at and maybe you know something that would make that easier to accomplish.

As always thank you all for what you do here at Academia, lot’s O love and Happy New Year!!!

Azgad y Pamela