New Reaches with old ideas.

Love is in the air…and joy and family and friends. We would like to wish you all the most festive of times and truly truly I pray those times you have last through the winter and into the summer and back and back and back again.

Now school. We are progressing and growing into our identities  and our purposes with in our/their/the community.  Viewing the action as an outsider for the first time, might be difficult to see the mechanisms working towards the ultimate task from individual achievements and developments towards a unified way of living.  Stay a while and see it happen, we’ve had breakthroughs everyday at Academia.

With that said, we are continuing  basic academics and knowledge as always with constant different types of repetition, positive reinforcement and personal discussions.  We have introduced an old way to seek personal motivation…capitalism.  Academia students know it as “Premios (Prae-Me-owes) or prizes.  For the most part, prizes are given after Yoga, or if and when you finish an activity that would require some individual self discipline.  No punishment for not finishing or staying on task, but it’s just that when Domingues sees that Janet is going home with a used barbie doll, when he could have taken the monkey with wheel legs…the option of choice thought and action are never as apparent to a child of 2.2, 3 ,4 or 5 years of age as they are then.

That little number covers the “work hard, get some thing I want” part.  We would like to scaffold on that basic idea, and introduce the part of saving and accumulating profit for more or just to have.  Just like what you do, or at least someone in your family did.  The reason for this, is because already some of our prize winners have opted “not to want a prize” anymore on some particular morning sessions, which to me no matter how many times I’ve heard it’s always a chuckle!

Lalo is our newest Academia team member.  He is a 5 month old crescent gecko whom the kids have taken with great curiosity and open understanding.  We plan on adding more friends and habitats through the following months to come.

We are open to suggestions, ideas and donations.   Please, we (really me) would like to put in a suggestion box, and I know it sounds like some idea out of an 80’s flick, but I want to improve daily, especially for our school, plus it’s how I makes my living!  Anyway I’ll have fun with it.  “Pamela, I suggest you let Azgad sleep in on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Anonymous…please”, and of such. Tell us your child’s motivations and new interests as they develop into them.  These are always great means for learning and approaching.

Big Changes.  I should say that all willing during this winter break, our website will change the daily schedule, yearly schedule, and some refining of words and thoughts.  Please keep checking back for latest informations.  The big one is that we will not close for the months of July and August, but will offer weekly summer camps in July, and start classes this year in August.  Meaning that fall registration will commence and take place through out the month of July.

We have an open house this coming Saturday the 17th, please feel free to call or stop by the school.

As always lot’s o’ love, be merry and bright, talk to you all soon.


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