AP2: El Paraíso @Bouldin Avenue

We are so excited to have opened a 2nd campus. Our journey began 5 years ago when we opened AP con Congress Avenue. Azgad and I talked to the pastor for space, and five days after our 1st student enrolled.   We have been in the Travis Heights neighborhood since and have now expanded to the Bouldin neighborhood with AP2: El Paraíso. Academia Preescolar has become an active entity providing young students with the opportunity to become fully Spanish Bilingual people by the time they start Kindergarten.   We strive to be a community of teachers, parents and students that will set us apart by our actions and our efforts. Now we have become an active community of teachers, students and parents.


This letter is to inform the community that Academia Preescolar Congress there are 2 open spaces for toddler 18months-2 year olds and 4 open spaces for the pre-kindergarten classroom. If you are interested in one of the spaces for the older classroom your student must have a high level of Spanish comprehension and at least a 50 percent age appropriate native speaking Spanish vocabulary. At the Bouldin we have 10 pre-k spaces that will require the same prerequisites as Congress Spanish language proficiency and 4 toddler 18 month-3 year old students. We are actively preparing as a whole organization for the start of a new productive year in September. Please come talk to us in person on Monday August 29 at 2PM. Congress and Bouldin will be hosting Open Houses.


Azgad Crisostomo & Pamela De Los Santos