About Us


Our vision is to enrich students with a fundamental Spanish language foundation that will equip them with the skills needed to facilitate their future progress in our fast growing Hispanic/Latin social, artistic, and professional settings. We are striving to have our students be conscious of every move they make. We want our students to stand out in any other settings once they graduate from our program with all the essential social, academic and artistic tools needed to be leaders of clicks and not followers.

In the not to distant future we want our school to be self sufficient, giving our students the awareness of water depletion, the benefits of solar and wind energy, food from our earth and animals (eggs and dairy). We want our students to come to school to a museum and take classes next to student powered machines and have lunch next to giant water tanks and life size dinosaurs.

This year we have raised already $5,000 from local businesses who share our vision towards water conservation and solar energy, and with that money we will purchase our first water collection tanks, install solar powered pumps to feed our mister system that maintain a level of coolness in the summer and our water wall all year around.

Academically, we are continuing our philosophy to promote conversation between teacher and student vs. direction from teacher to student. We are student driven, but teacher guided. Also this year we are concentrating many of our math lessons to overlap using patterns. We want the students and the teachers to be able to identify visual and social patterns.


Our mission is to individualize our lessons, to substantially build in our students the confidence needed to engage, approach and respond to future multicultural conversations and or any aspect of life.


Our values are old, passed down after three generations of teachers, respect and trust.

We value friendship, respect, love, and awareness. Our disciplinary approach is perpetuated behind these important values. Talking and conversing with our students has been our way to neutralize episodes of high emotions and impulsive behavior. Listening to our students and observing their social and parental relationship patterns have allowed us to choose the right words that would enable us to infiltrate the reasoning ears of these young minds. Humbling ourselves in front of them has allowed us to reach conscious levels that many times are blocked by the defense of the id and the ego. As redundant as it may sound, love and friendship in our case has been able to knock down these ego defenses more than not, and instead build friendship platforms that are receptive to guidance and cooperative learning.

Teaching Philosophy

Life is not one big Montessori school, nor is it a strict private yard, or a public form of education. We live in a vast world where teaching and learning take a different form every day everywhere. It is a known fact that although most of us can follow a set of instructions, or get involved in daily routines, not all of us can comprehend the purpose or the meaning of certain lessons at the same time, and most importantly the same way.

Here at Academia Preescolar, we strive in always letting our students explore and create their paths to the ultimate curriculum academic goal. Our strategy is to divert their natural curiosity towards (in this case) learning academics in another language, while always being monitored through their independently chosen paths. We are experts in watching their progress and their direction, ready to redirected as we see them either come to a “block” on their road, or confused, or in some cases dedicated towards the more troublesome way.

Teaching and learning is a partnership, and at our school we will not force it, but recognize individual talents and nurture them.

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