Calendar 2018-2019


September 1: ½ Supply fee due ($100). Or pay for the year ($200)
September 3 (Student/Staff Holiday): CLOSED for Labor Day

November: Fall Fest: fundraiser/trick or treat night: Our house, Fiesta starts
@2PM******Teacher’s save this date, we’d like for you to come say hello, remember this is our biggest fundraiser for our school!
November 26-30: Parent/teacher conferences
November 20: Thanksgiving potluck, 11 a.m. at Academia Preescolar (Azgad y Pamela makea delicioso turkey!) ******Early day dismissal at NOON.
November 21-23: CLOSED for Thanksgiving Break

December 20: Winter holiday potluck
December 21- January 4: Closed for Winter Break, Teachers come back January 3rd and 4th for professional development

January 21: CLOSED for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

March 1: ½ Supply fee due ($100)
March 18-22: CLOSED for Spring Break

April 19: CLOSED for Good Friday
April 8-12: Parent teacher conferences

May 1: Registration for fall begins
May 27: CLOSED for Memorial Day

June: Splash Month

July: Closed 4th of July
July: closed for 1 week in July, dates will TBD
July will continue being weekly themed, but it will be a regular tuition month. In other words, AP will now go year round.
July hours: 8 a.m-5 p.m

August: Graduation (the Saturday before AISD’s 1 st day of school) Teacher’s save this date


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